I can (sort of) Draw!

2009-09-13 01:34:11 by Ric-Olzow

Well, I sumbitted Pj's Birthday Present for teh lulz. Though it's score is slowly falling, I haven't heard any complaints on my drawings. (This is a positive thing from my perspective.

So I've decided, I shall continue using my drawing style used in that movie as my regular style. (until I improve or something)

However, There still is the question of Business Penguin Episode 2. For all (if any) fans of it, do not lose hope yet, I'm still going to try making a second (hopefully better, funnier, classier) episode.
(If you oppose me making another business penguin thats cool too, but I might make it anyways, once again for teh lulz)

Also, I seal this Post with my seal of approval, To show I'm dedicated to improving my flash. And Also to show what I mean by my new drawing style.

I can (sort of) Draw!


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2009-09-13 17:02:19

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /511456

Ric-Olzow responds:

Its blammed and what is this?