I gots teh Ecobat Back!

2011-09-02 15:11:26 by Ric-Olzow

This rather terrible animation of mine was actually based on real events, them real events being a real bat that truly was taken by A certain casual and that I wasn't able to get it back til fulfilling certain agreements. (which was moving back to my hometown, not making business penguin episode 2. Worst movie ever. You should see it.)

So yeah long story short to make use of this blog I'm telling everyone and anyone whether they care or not that I have the Ecobat back.

And I'm still ironing out ideas for my next flash. Bad ideas are much easier to come up with than good ones.

Here's A pic with timestamp to prove I has it now: (Mind the shit pic quality kthxbai)

I gots teh Ecobat Back!


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